Pessimism In The Ad Market; Digital Platforms Bringing On Editors

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Sorrell Has Spoken
Late last week, WPP chief Martin Sorrell shared a dim view on the global ad market as a result of weak markets abroad. “Business is tough; it’s not easy,” Sorrell said during an interview at Cannes. “GDP forecasts have been taken down and so have advertising forecasts.” And according to Sorrell, the US market is “OK, but not vibrant.” But the worldwide ad market could grow by 1% next ye...

Turn Browser To Buyer By Using Location

Posted on June 26, 2015

Julie Bernard of Verve talks about her passion of driving foot traffic.
“That’s what converts the casual window shopper into a loyal customer,” said Bernard, who took the reins as CMO of location-based mobile ad platform Verve Mobile on Monday after more than seven years at Macy’s in several exec roles, most recently as SVP of customer strategy, loyalty and credit marketing.
Retailers have recently started using location-based ad tech in their constant journey fo...

MoPub Mobile Advertising Report 2014-Q4

Elain Szu (5 SlideShares) , MoPub Product Marketing at Twitter Follow
Published on Mar 05, 2015
MoPub Marketplace Report 2014-Q4

Transcript 1. MOBILE ADVERTISING MARKETPLACE REPORT Q4 2014 2 2. 3 About the report • The Mobile Advertising: Marketplace Report provides market data from real-time bidded auctions for mobile ad impressions, aggregated from mobile applications, advertisers, and demand side platforms on MoPub Marketplace, one of the world’s leadin...

The Grey Side of Mobile Advertising

July 2, 2015 | BY Armando Orozco
Mobile advertising is a headache because of its intrusiveness, the amount of bandwidth used, and other unexpected nefarious behaviors.
I get it, there’s money to be made–the good guys are trying to sell us something, the bad guys are trying to steal something, and the grey guys are doing a little of both.
Grey hats do their work in between the good and the malicious sides of computing and often push the limits of maliciousness when it comes to making a quick ...

Don't Panic if You Receive an IRS Notice

Article Highlights:
Let Your Tax Professional Respond Change of Address Complications Each year, the IRS sends millions of letters and notices to taxpayers to request payment of taxes, notify them of a change to their account, or to request additional information. The notice you receive normally covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Each letter and notice offers specific instructions on what needs to be done to satisfy the inquiry. 
Do not procrastinate or throw ...

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How To Use Amazon Links Effectively In Your Blog Posts

Laura Gelnett
So you’re ready to monetize your blog, and you’ve chosen the Amazon affiliate program as a means to help bring in income. Integrating Amazon affiliate links into your posts is very simple, and if done properly, they won’t make your blog post look like an advertisement or spam.

How To Use Amazon Links Effectively In Your Blog Posts A lot of your posts could possibly include Amazon affiliate links. Let’s say you’re writing a post that includes a recipe, and in your post you talk ...


Leading online travel site forecasts significant savings with AppDynamics Key Benefits
Why AppDynamics?
Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is part of Expedia Inc., the world's leading online travel company. EAN creates the tools and technology that help millions of travelers find the perfect hotels for their next trips. As the world's fastest-growing private label travel affiliate network, EAN works with over 7,500 partners in 33 countries to turn their web traffic into hotel bookings...

MENA's First Retail Affiliate Network, by!

2015 年 6 月 15 日
分享到领英 When we created, our vision was to democratize retail by providing people with a single place to shop and search for products across all online and offline stores, and in the process deliver highly targeted traffic to the retailers we work with. 
However, we discovered that with the exception of a few, none of the online retailers had an affiliate program of their own, nor were they part of any regional affiliate network. This means that the online retailers...

In Major Search And Ads Deal, AOL To Absorb Microsoft's Display Business And 1,200 Of Its Employees

In a new 10-year search-and-advertising alliance, Microsoft will transfer the lion's share of its display ad business to Verizon-owned AOL. Under the deal, approximately 1,200 Microsoft employees will get offer letters from AOL, most of them in ad sales.Additionally, AOL will end its search distribution relationship with Google in order to accept Bing search and ads on all its mobile and desktop properties – giving Microsoft an additional 1-2% of search market share carved directly fro...

FACT SHEET: Health Care in Oklahoma

Details Parent Category: Life Published on Wednesday, 10 June 2015 18:35 Written by WHITE HOUSE MEDIA RELEASE Hits: 318 What the Affordable Care Act is doing for Oklahoma families
The Affordable Care Act has already covered one in four uninsured Americans – more than ten million – and improved coverage for virtually everyone with health coverage. Insurers can no longer discriminate against preexisting conditions, charge women more just for being women, or put caps on the care you recei...

5 Tips To Battle Mobile Advertising Fraud

Since the turn of the century we have heard each and every subsequent year declared as “The Year of Mobile.” I pronounce 2015 as “The Year Of Mobile Ad Fraud.” Here is why.
I believe in the old axiom, “Just follow the money.” EMarketer in a Dec. 10 study stated emphatically: “Mobile advertising is the key driver of growth around the world, and advertisers will spend $64.25 billion on mobile in 2015, an increase of nearly 60 percent over 2014.”
When asked why he robbed banks, famous bank robber W...

Focus on Customer Acquisition for Mobile Ad Success

For the uninitiated, mobile advertising can seem daunting. From setting up and launching a mobile ad campaign, to optimising for performance and working through the various reporting hurdles, managing a mobile ad campaign is complex and, occasionally, inefficient. As noted in a recent article for PerformanceIN, the rise of mobile programmatic advertising is helping to remove many of the inefficiencies from the mobile ad marketplace. But one component of mobile advertising remains as true today a...

How Retailers can Boost Sales through Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising using Beacons

Posted on June 24, 2015

From big brands to small scale businesses, mobile has today become a critical part of the marketing mix for businesses all over the world. According to a recent eMarketer study, mobile will account for 51% of the total digital ad market worldwide, by 2016. Mobile ads on smartphones and tablets are already having a growing impact on driving in-store traffic, according to a report from NinthDecimal, a San Francisco-based mobile intelligence firm.
The biggest takeaway fr...

The state of mobile ad spending in 5 charts

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By now, mobile’s ascent is uncontested. But still unknown is how fast it will continue to climb — and how high it will go.
Start with the usage numbers. Americans spend an average of two hours and 57 minutes a day on mobile devices, a hair more than they do on television, according to app analysis company Flurry. EMarketer expects the global number of smartphone owners to surpass 2 billion by 2016, which represents half of mobile phone owners overall.
With those kinds of penetra...

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A16Z, HP, and INKEF Capital give $30M to Shapeways Shapeways, a service and marketplace that lets users upload, download, and print 3D designs, announced yesterday that it took in a $30 million injection from INKEF Capital, ...

How To Successfully Advertise App Through Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising- The next big thing Mobile advertising is increasingly becoming the most popular means of digital marketing. Cashing in on the average user’s dependence on the mobile, marketing techniques are undergoing a change to make mobile marketing more visible.  Experts predict that mobile marketing will outdo desktop marketing by 2017, and will account for the majority of the ad world in the next 4 years!  The most pertinent example of successful mobile advertising has to be Google. Ro...

Why You Should Advertise Your App On Television

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From ad networks and exchanges to demand-side platforms and other app publishers, app marketers have left no stone unturned when it comes to finding new mobile channels on which to advertise their apps. And yet, as the market matures and evolves, most developers are finding mobile as a channel to be saturated, competitive and increasingly expensive.
For help, some app marketers have turned to television to promote their apps. It started, notably, during this year’s Super Bowl, wit...