Gameloft Trades Ad Networks For Direct Sales

Mobile gaming company Gameloft removed all ad networks from its apps last year and hired a direct sales team.The company sees its future in advertising revenue, not from users making in-app purchases. And that means taking control of what will be its primary source of revenue.
Gameloft is one of the biggies in the mobile gaming world, with titles like “Siegefall” and “Spider-Man Unlimited.” It’s the top publisher in terms of app installs, with 700 million last year in more than 40 cou...

Google Adsense Payment Proof 2015

July 29, 2015 by The Turtle Investor Leave a Comment
Ever wished you could have an income stream that runs on auto-pilot (think Google self-driving vehicle) and all you needed to do is to collect the money? Me too! Too bad – a blog doesn’t exactly fit the bill. Sorry to burst your dream.
In this obscure category of blog posts tagged under “alternative income”, payment proofs continue to attract the most interest. Below is what you’re looking for. Always nice to receive this mail, whether it is...

What Makes CPATrend the Best Choice When it Comes to Choosing the Right Affiliate Network?

Before you can hope to succeed in the affiliate marketing business, you need to choose a network that is a good fit. Ask any affiliate marketing expert and you will be told the exact same thing. However, with all the number of affiliate networks out there, choosing the best one is easier said than done. Choosing an ill-suited network will not just reduce your potential earnings, it will also hamper your growth as a marketer. The truth is, not all affiliate networks are created equal; some are si...

Internet Marketing And Make Money Online Made Easy.

Internet Traffic Formula Course Introduction                 This is All-in-one internet marketing course from beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advance (super affiliate). Internet Traffic Formula teaches people how to make not just money online… Continue Reading

Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing Courses, Mobile Marketing Affiliate Marketing Course, CPA Marketing Course, Email Marketing Course, Internet Traffic Formula Course, Internet Traffic G...

Infographie : quelles tendances pour la pub vidéo instream en France ?

juillet 20, 2015
La prise en compte du taux de visibilité comme indicateur de performance, le recours aux places de marché privatives et l’exploration de l’environnement multi-écrans sont parmi les principales tendances du marché de la pub vidéo instream programmatique en France, selon Videology.
La plateforme vidéo nous a livré son baromètre des campagnes vidéo instream opérées en France de manière programmatique pour le premier trimestre de l’année. Pour le réaliser, les auteurs ont regardé...

Snapchat Adds More Content; Car Makers Not Sharing The Data

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Content: Gateway To Revenue
Snapchat added some new publishers to its Discover content hub, among them BuzzFeed and Vox. The additions come after a redesign that makes Discover more prominent in Snapchat’s navigation. Snapchat’s ad prices, initially sky-high, have since fallen. Re/code’s Kurt Wagner and Peter Kafka point out, “Publishers make more money if they bring in advertisers for their channel. In ...

Mobile Startups Are Still Attracting The VCs

In the words of Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans, “Mobile is eating the world.”While the investor community grows dubious about the viability of ad tech, mobile startups still seem to be able to bring in the cash.
Two such companies, app data and analytics firm PushSpring and deep-linking outfit Yozio, both announced Series A funding rounds on Tuesday.
Seattle-based PushSpring, which company co-founder Tyler Davidson describes as a data-management platform (DMP) for apps, r...

Does TV Measurement Even Need A Standard?

As advertisers apply more data to their television buys, how will old measurement standards meet their needs?
The idea ignited a debate during a panel on the state of TV at AOL’s New York headquarters Tuesday.
“I don’t know if we need a standard currency,” said David Aversano, SVP of client and consumer insights at Turner Broadcasting. He argued that advertisers increasingly want to use different forms of measurement to account for their TV spend. Who is Turner, Aversano said, to tel...

Rubicon Project Finishes Chango Integration, Grows Revenue 88%

Rubicon Project branched out into new areas in a strong Q2 that saw revenue grow 88% to $53 million.
Managed revenue grew 48% to $227.2 million. Rubicon increased its cut of managed revenue, with take rate going up from 18.4% from last year to 21.4% this year. (Read the full earnings release here.)
The company closed and fully integrated its acquisition of Chango, a search retargeter it purchased at the end of March. That was six months ahead of schedule. The acquisition helped grow ...

The transparent real-time enabled mobile ad exchange

Learn more about Axonix in 90 seconds
Our solutions We help publishers, ad networks and mobile operators increase their ad revenues. We use rich data. And we tap into global demand.

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Adobe Pitches Marketers On A Cross-Device Data Co-op, But Privacy Is A Snag

The competition among cross-device providers is no longer a one, two or even three-horse race, but looks more like a mad steeplechase with 20 animals of various sorts, including thoroughbreds, rabbits and perhaps snakes. The biggest consumer platforms, like Facebook and Google, are often given the best odds, but some dark horses are moving up in the pack.
One such horse is Adobe, which is hard at work on its own cross-device ID that will take the form of a data-sharing cooperative amo...

Pandora now lets you listen to an hour of music after you engage with an ad

by Napier Lopez Tweet — 1d ago in Apps Subscribing to Pandora One isn’t the only way to avoid ads in your music session anymore: a new “Sponsored Listening” tool lets you listen to an hour of uninterrupted music if you engage with an ad before your stream begins.
These ads can be a video or an interactive “rich media unit,” – a slideshow, for example – and require the user to pay attention for...

Plan for Content Locking 7.x-2.1 release [#2540638]


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Last updated on Jul 27, 2015 at 7:21pm

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Posted by DamienMcKenna on July 27, 2015 at 3:11pm
There are a bunch of issues open for this module, including many RTBC patches and several more that are In Review, these should be bundled up as a new release.

Comments Comment #1 ergonlogic CreditAttribution: ergonlogic commented a day ago
Hi @DamienMcKenna, I'd be happy to add ...

Ohio woman arrested for locking out daughter in 90-degree heat: police

By Steve Bittenbender
A Cincinnati area woman was arrested for kicking out her mentally handicapped 11-year-old daughter and refusing to let her back inside despite the summertime heat, police said on Monday.
Forest Park police found the crying girl outside her mother's house in the northern Cincinnati suburb on Sunday afternoon, Sergeant David DeSalvo said. The child was dressed in long-legged fleece pajama pants and snow boots as outside temperatures reached 90 degrees.
The mother, Catrina F...

TBWA\CHIAT\DAY’s Vaino Leskinen on Storytelling in Mobile Advertising

July 15, 2015
Vaino Leskinen’s career in mobile spans 16 years, four continents and numerous industry firsts. He created his first mobile campaign in 1998, first mobile marketing platform in 2000, first mobile app in 2002 and a fully functioning mobile banking system in 2005. Last year, Vaino’s teams took home a ton of advertising awards for Adidas Windowshopping and McDonald’s Angry Birds campaigns. Currently based in Los Angeles, Vaino serves as the Global Director of Mobile at TBWA\CHIAT\DA...

Yahoo Posts Loss, Despite Rise in Its Display Ad Business


SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo’s revenue in the second quarter rose 15 percent, the company said on Tuesday. But it spent heavily to achieve the gains, wiping out all of its profits and then some. Executives also warned that expenses would continue to be high through the rest of the year.
“We are investing heavily to grow market share through traffic acquisition,” Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive, said in a conference call with investors to discuss the results.

Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Certification Expands

Jul 23, 2015 • 7:59 am | by Barry Schwartz | Filed Under Google AdWords

Google announced on Google+ that they've expanded their AdWords certification for the mobile advertising certification to 17 new languages.
Google said "we are excited to announce the launch of our new Mobile Advertising exam in 17 more languages."
This new Mobile Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including mobile fundamentals, bidding & targeting strategies, mobile ads and measurement solutions. If y...

How Voice Search & Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Mobile Advertising

July 23, 2015 Contributed by: Kevin Samp
Google +
The idea of talking to computers just hasn’t been the same since Kubrick’s iconic 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Thankfully our mobile devices have much less control over our literal life than HAL 9000 did, but their increasing presence in our day-to-day is having a pretty unique effect on mobile advertising, doubly so when you look at mobile search.
When marketers talk about capturing moments through mobile advertising, we just can’t h...

Android leads in traffic and revenue generation, but iOS is still on top for monetization

The first and last app of the day How are consumers using mobile apps today? It is a question that everyone, from the advertising industry to those in the media and financial markets, seems to be interested in. We all have our eyes, too, on the markets created by this booming app ecosystem.
In our recent special report on Intelligent Audience Creation, we uncovered some of the differences in how mobile consumers use apps over the course of a week and also during a typical 24-hour time period. ...

Airpush Introduces The Performance Creative Initiative

Redefining the Mobile Campaign Process Problem:
Linear Media Buying and Optimization

As the mobile advertising industry has matured, the majority of tasks performed have become verticalized into silos such as design, distribution, targeting, and optimization. This creates a variety of failure points in the process, as well as eliminates opportunities to optimize the ROI of campaigns as they run.
The Performance Creative Initiative is a result of years of our i...